5 Simple Ways To Decorate For The Holidays

When it comes to holiday decor, I have about ten, yes 10, bins stored in my attic.  This year, I opted not to dump the contents of all ten bins into my home and instead have gone the simple chic route!  Below, find 5 super simple ways to decorate every area of your home for holidays – and save a little cash to buy yourself a present!

To me, its not Christmas time until something sparkles!  Glittery branches are an easy way to add a wow-factor to a mantle or corner.  You can get creative making sparkly branches in all sizes and colors.  Follow these simple steps from Momtastic to make your branches shine!

Presents anyone?  Savvy blogger Rachel over at RosyScription created a modern, sparkly, festive wall of presents on a kitchen clipboard wall with fun finds from the Dollar Store.

Who has time to hang a hundred ornaments on a tree?  Simple fix: An inexpensive flocked tree makes for a quick and easy project to decorate.   Maison dePax shows us how in her chic and comfy home.  A few sparkly branches, a couple dashes of fiber-fill and shiny ornaments do the trick!

What to do with all those hundred ornaments you won’t need for the tree?  A sparkly platter, this one by MidWest Living, makes a quick and easy centerpiece for a coffee table or bar area.

Deck the WALLS with oversized gift bags made of wrapping paper and raffia!  This clever idea from Under The Roof Decorating takes less than to 20 minutes to turn your wall from drab to holiday fab!

When its all said and done, the holidays are made for family, fun and good times, so make yourself available for it all by decorating simple and chic this year!

Let me know how your projects turn out in the comments, I love seeing your creations come to life!


Enjoy Home!

Enjoy the Holidays


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